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YJTMC is leading manufacturer in the fabrication design and manufacture of Primary Quench Exchanger for petrochemical industry. Since 2000, YJTMC has been researching and developing machine welding processes and equipment for the fabrication of various special types of heat exchangers.
In 2003, we successfully completed our first project for PQE fabrication using our own developed welding process and Jig-fixtures at DHIC's Changwon shop, based on the results of our R&D and innovative spirit. Since then, we have been the main contractor for PQEs over 20 ethylene furnace projects at YJTMC's Haman shop, demonstrating our expertise in the field. With our experience in the design and manufacturing of special equipment, YJTMC is fully equipped to provide various types of pressure vessels and heat exchangers, including PQEs.
Features of Major Project Implementation:
Project: Saudi Kayan Olefins Project
Client: SABIC (Saudi Kayan)
Related Parties: KBR (LICENSER)
Item: Primary Quench Exchangers for 9 furnaces
Fabrication Place: YJTMC Haman Shop
Code & Standard: ASME Sec.VIII Div.1 / SABIC Standards / KBR Tech Standards
ASME Stamp: U
Work Scope: Fab. Design & Eng'g, Material Purchase, Fabrication, Test, NDE, Packing & Delivery
Experience & Track Records
YJTMC's ability and capability in engineering, fabrication, inspection, testing, and shipping have been proven through various performance projects, making us a leading fabricator of PQEs worldwide. Our shop has been fully automated with the following systems, contributing to far better improvement of delivery as well as cost-saving:
Fully mechanized end prep.
Innovative Jig Fixtures for fit-up & machine welding process of each joint.
Effectiveness of integrity process flow lines.
Ideal devices invented for the prevention of deformation and shrinkage caused by welding.
Narrow Groove Welding.
Special inside groove welding for small bore pipe.
List of Main Projects:
2003 JUPC Ethylene Plant Project
2003 Thai Olefins Project
2005 Mitsubishi Chemical, K2E Project
2005 JUPC-II Project
2006 LG Chem. NCC Revamping Project
2008 Saudi Kayan Olefins Project
2009 LG Chem, NCC Extension Project
2011 LG Chem, NCC Extension Project
2014 JUPC, United 9th Furnace Project
2015 SK Global Chemical, 15NEP Furnace Project
2015 KPIC Onsan Ncc Expansion Project
2018 LG Chem, 3NE PROJECT
2020 LG Chem, 3NCC(N-Project)
2020 GS Caltex, MFC Project
2020 HDO, HPC Project
2021 KPIC, KSA Project
2022 PKN Orlen, Ethylene Expansion Project