YOO JIN Technical Manufacturing & Construction Co, Ltd.


As a leading company in manufacturing and construction technologies, YOO JIN Technical Manufacturing & Construction Co., Ltd (YJTMC) specializes
in the design, fabrication, and construction of plant equipment, as well as providing maintenance services for plant piping in the petrochemical,
nuclear power, and other industries.
YJTMC's business is divided into two main fields:
1. Fabrication of Plant Equipment and Parts:
Special Type Heat Exchangers (Primary Quench Exchangers)
Special Type Pressure Vessels & Drums
CRA Clad Pipes (Inside & Outside Weld Overlay), Clad Fittings & Clad Flanges
Hard-facing Parts (Pipes & Fittings)
Small Tube Inside Cladding
Piping Spools (Alloy & Ferrous, Heavy Wall Pipe)
2. Construction and Maintenance Services of Plant Piping & Equipment:
Nuclear Power Plant Piping: Reactor Coolant Loop, Narrow Groove Welding
Nuclear Power Steam Generator Replacement Project: Narrow Gap Welding and Related Works
Tooling & Machining Services for Maintenance Projects
YJTMC's Core Values are:
Making constant efforts to satisfy partners, customers, and clients with advanced technologies, the highest quality, and innovative spirits. We take pride in employing the best workforce with technological expertise and industry-specific domain knowledge that enables us to execute technically critical projects within the specified time schedule without compromising on quality and responsibility for health, safety, and the environment.
We are an equal-opportunity employer committed to the health, safety, and environmental responsibility of our employees.
Welcome to YJTMC's website! We hope your visit is informative and we look forward to being an outstanding partner for your future businesses and projects.